Megan Bloom

Among the transformative experiences I underwent with the births of my babies, my personal and professional worlds collided and led me to pursue birth work.  I am enthralled with the processes of pregnancy, birth, and childrearing, and am committed to being with families through the psychological, physical, emotional, and spiritual elements of this tremendous experience.  I am constantly bemused by the strangeness of childbearing, how normal and everyday it is in one sense, yet how exceptional it is each and every time another person embarks on the journey.

I have had the pleasure and honor of supporting twenty beautiful families in the births of their babies and countless others in preparing for birth. I am currently completing labor support certification with to Labor (The Organization of Labor Assistants for Birth Options & Resources).

Training and Certifications:
Doctorate in Child Development, 12/2008
toLabor Labor Assistant Training, 01/2010
Pregnancy and Labor Massage, 02/11
Spinning Babies, 02/11